How To fix windows WMI error by running WmiDiag tool (WMI Diagnosis utility)

This video includes solution for the event 28 from the source WMI (windows management instrumentation).
Event: 28, WMI windows7 (0x80041002)
Event description:
Failed to initialize WMI Core or provider subsystem or event subsystem with error number 0x80041002. This could be due to badly installed version of WMI, wmi repository upgrade failure, insufficient disk space.

Steps to follow in order to fix the error 0x80041002 (WBEM_E_NOT_FOUND) :
1.Download WMI Diagnosis utility and extract it.
2.The extraction gives three files WMIDiag.xls, WMIDiag.vbs, WMIDiag.doc.
3.Run the script file and see the result.
4.Check the report generated as a result and follow the instructions.
5.The video also includes microsoft technet helplink for this event 28 from the event source WMI.

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